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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Home/Field. Please complete the Pitch Form and the editorial team will be in touch via email regarding your pitch and the next steps. An editor is assigned to work with the author through the publication process and each accepted piece goes through two rounds of peer editing on the editorial board. Please review the guidelines below for more information on submission types and feel free to contact us at: homefieldsubmission@gmail.com.


We encourage you to take a clear, lean, and conversational tone in your writing, targeting it to a broad audience beyond academia. Please hyperlink to citations if possible and avoid parenthetical citations. All submissions will be editor-reviewed. Each genre (Dialogues, AV Essays, and Author Engagements) has its own specific parameters, listed below. 

This is a space for experimentation with multimedia and multimodal research. We welcome submissions that decenter text, or that go beyond the written word altogether. This could include photo essays, short documentary, video journals, musical scores, soundscapes, field recordings, collaborative art, and digital collaborations. Photo essays should have 4-8 photos and a maximum 1,000 words text. Images and photographs accompanying submissions should be supplied with the highest quality, with a minimum of 300 dpi, in JPG or TIFF format. A/V formats will primarily be hosted via embedded YouTube or audio player. Total time should not exceed 30 minutes for one essay. 

North American ethnography is filled with opportunity for meaningful dialogues and reflections spurred by engagement with our co-locutors and colleagues, theoretical debates, and methodological innovations. We welcome both collaborative dialogues and single-authored engagements with your Home/Field(s), broadly conceived. What are the ways we collaborate within and beyond our field sites? How do these interlocutions articulate what is critical to North American ethnography? Give us a line into your dialogues, a seat at your debates, in 2500 words or less. 

Some of the most clarifying scholarly moments come in casual conversation, where the serious work of hanging out and hashing things out can happen. This feature gives authors and their readers a chance to hang out textually. Rather than an author-meets-critic session, this is a place for an engaged and informed reader to ask all of the follow-up questions that every great book or article leaves us with. We are particularly interested in conversations about books that JANA has recently reviewed, or conversations that would serve as a stand-alone component of a book you would be interested in reviewing. Author Engagements should include a brief introduction to contextualize the conversation. 1,500 words max.

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