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Audio-Visual Essays

This is a space for experimentation with multimedia and multimodal research. We welcome submissions that decenter text, or that go beyond the written word altogether. This could include photo essays, short documentary, video journals, musical scores, soundscapes, field recordings, collaborative art, and digital collaborations. Photo essays should have 4-8 photos and a maximum 1,000 words text. Images and photographs accompanying submissions should be supplied with the highest quality, with a minimum of 300 dpi, in JPG or TIFF format. A/V formats will primarily be hosted via embedded YouTube or audio player. Total time should not exceed 30 minutes for one essay. 

Stories on the Edge of the Sea

Visual Essay by Ryan Anderson

“And yet, like that single human figure, and the others throughout these images, we humans swim, play, contemplate, push back, and adapt. We persist. Despite the enormity and immensity and inevitability of it all.”

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