Home Field

Welcome to Home/Field, a space devoted to the questions that emerge when your anthropological field site is also your home (or near your home). We feature timely and topical contributions from anyone who wants to contribute to unfolding anthropological conversations about these extraordinary times in North America. Parallel to the long-form scholarly work found in Journal for the Anthropology of North America, Home/Field hosts short-form, dialogical, and multi-sensory work with an emphasis on accessibility to complement the long-form research articles found in the journal.

Want to be a part of Home/Field?

Brie Berry

University of Maine
circular economies; sustainable consumption; rural US; waste; reuse

Sarah Molinari

Florida International University
disaster recovery; debt politics; grassroots movements; care; Puerto Rico

David Flood

University of Virginia
Race and Whiteness; Capitalism; Activism; Music and Sound; Rural US

Megan Raschig

CSU Sacramento
World-building; Chicanx-Indigenous Healing; Anti-Carceralism; Feminist and Fugitive Ethnography

Greg Flynn-Sollish

University of Virginia
Political Movements; Democracy; Urban US; Phenomenology

Elisa Lanari

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity
race/ism; whiteness; insurgent suburbs; Latinxs; metropolitan US

Don Anderson

Palo Verde College
urban space; labor; technology; communications; ritual and performance

Jeff Attridge

Critical and Collaborative Museology; Material Culture; Critical Phenomenology; Temporality

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